Discover the mysterious world of cider pears …

Angebot 01

Immerse yourself in the history of the must and learn more about our protected own creation “Mostello”.

Angebot 002

Together with you we go on a historical journey through time and look back on the ups and downs of the must. Your knowledge is also in demand because during the demonstration there are a few puzzles to solve.

Angebot 003

Take a look behind the scenes with us and visit our distillery. There you will learn everything about our ecological cycle economy.

Angebot 04

We enter the bedroom of the Mostellos – the maturity and rest room. By candlelight you taste our specialty directly from our glass barrique barrel.

Angebot 05

Convince yourself of our noble brandies and liqueurs and taste from the largest organic brandy and liqueur assortment in Europe. Of course, our world’s best vodka is ready for you to taste.

Angebot 06

Directly behind our cellar house is the largest cider pear garden in Europe. Take the opportunity and walk up to the beautiful pear garden, where you will find almost 12,000 cider pear trees. Especially in the spring, the sight through the flower is quite enchanting. Enjoy the view of the Ötscher and the Ybbstal as well as the symbol of the Mostviertel – the Basilika Sonntagberg


8,00pro Person
  • Dauer: ca. 60 Minuten
    • Entdeckungsreise
    • Führung
    • Verkostung mit 3 Kostproben

Entdeckungsreise & Spaziergang

12,00pro Person
  • Dauer: ca. 90 Minuten
    • Entdeckungsreise
    • Führung
    • Verkostung mit 3 Kostproben
    • Spaziergang zum Obstgarten inkl. Erfrischungsgetränk


  • Dauer: ca. 90 Minuten
    • ab 20 Personen
    • individuelle Rahmenprogramme
    • eigener Bus-Parkplatz
      direkt vor der Mostelleria
    • Reservierung gegen Voranmeldung