Biohof Farthofer


We are convinced that the majority of Austrian farmers could be organic farmers – even now, some twenty per cent of Austria’s entire area under cultivation is managed organically. And practising this with our own farm in the middle of the Mostviertel in the state of Niederösterreich simply goes with out saying.

We have some forty-five hectares in production, all of it organic. Here, there are rare and regional varieties of pear growing on the fruit meadows, and we cultivate protected varieties of grain such as hull-less oats and winter wheat. We have made a specialty of working with ancient varieties of grain, some of which otherwise long forgotten. The Mostviertel Damson plum, the mirabelle, the Bohnapfel, walnuts and elderberries are growing in back of our foursquare farmstead.

Here, 100% of the grains and fruit from our own cultivation are processed in our distillery.



Raw materials – grain, fruits and spices

Any types of fruit or spice that we use, which cannot be grown successfully in the Mostviertel or in Austria are obtained exclusively from certified-organic farms. This demands an elaborate system of quality checks.

Josef visits all of our organic farmers in Austria and observes the production facilities. He discusses optimal harvest times and arranges a schedule for deliveries. In this he places emphasis on the raw materials being sourced from regions where the ideal conditions prevail for cultivating the individual fruits.


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