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Once again Gin-Basil-Smash


  That's one thing with gin-basil smash. On the one hand, he is considered bartenders as the Hugo or the Aperol Spritz of cocktails. On the other hand it is refreshing and delicious. 10 years ago he was the summer hit. At every beach bar, at every pool party, basil [...]

Once again Gin-Basil-Smash2018-09-05T13:56:40+02:00

The campaign of the European spruce bark beetle


He is called 'Buchdrucker' and belongs to the genus of bark beetle. It is also called birch bark beetle. At the moment, the little Fiesling makes life difficult for us, because he works with verve on our trees and endangers the spruce stand. Instead of harvesting or preparing the harvest, [...]

The campaign of the European spruce bark beetle2018-09-05T13:46:08+02:00

Ginger, cucumber, gin. Martini revisited


I like to have a martini two at the very most. After three I'm under the table, after four I'm under my host! (Dorothy Parker, sometime in the 1920s) The question of whether shaken or stirred Martini does not. This self-evident fact has even found its way into popular culture. [...]

Ginger, cucumber, gin. Martini revisited2018-09-05T13:26:24+02:00

STEINKRAFT: Whisky and the Rocks


Some time ago we harvested grain for our whiskey. We shot a small film at the harvest. The farmer whose field we have harvested casually said something about "stone power". Some were listening in and asked. Here is a post about what it has on it and who is behind [...]

STEINKRAFT: Whisky and the Rocks2018-09-05T12:36:50+02:00

Cocktail ‘Leo Mule’ – From Pinzgau with Love


It is well known that bio is important to us. Also, the raw materials that we use come from our region is clear. Seasonality is also important to us, and summer is cocktail time. So in the next few weeks, here are a few recipes that are worth being nachgeshaked. [...]

Cocktail ‘Leo Mule’ – From Pinzgau with Love2018-09-05T12:17:56+02:00

Organic field days 2018


It is often said that Austria is world champion. Well-known organic world champion. That's right when it comes to organic areas, organic farms or a strong organic association. But this is also opposed to a consumer attitude that is still expandable in terms of BIO. In order to make the [...]

Organic field days 20182018-09-05T12:17:22+02:00

Kochlust PUR 3 – we are on!


Of course we knew the BIO HOTELS. The longest time already. One maybe a bit better than others. In some we have vacationed, in others are our distillates. After Jürgen Schmücking approached us with the question, whether we want to be part of the new cookbook of the BIO [...]

Kochlust PUR 3 – we are on!2018-09-05T11:33:09+02:00

Glyphosate and yet no end. Or is it?


  Over 4 million people have signed a petition on the Avaaz Internet platform. It was about the re-approval of glyphosate. This is a broad-spectrum herbicide that is used against weeds and carries countless dangers and risks. Now Monsanto Avaaz complains about the publication of the personal data of glyphosate [...]

Glyphosate and yet no end. Or is it?2018-09-05T11:17:19+02:00

Miscanthus-harvest or the „the elephant round“


It was not two years ago when we went to London and picked up a price. This price has meant a lot to us. Not the quality of our fires was assessed, but our commitment to sustainability and the environment. We were honored with the Amorim Sustainability Award of [...]

Miscanthus-harvest or the „the elephant round“2018-09-05T11:05:48+02:00

Dorflounge / Day of the must


Weather forecast 28 ° C and bright sunshine! The largest unofficial holiday in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel is the day of the must on April 29, 2018.   Village Lounge for Friends We will meet again on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at the main square in Öhling: [...]

Dorflounge / Day of the must2018-09-05T10:48:05+02:00


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