Leopold Spirits Organic Sloe Gin

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Our Organic Sloe Gin is a 100% handmade creation.


Leopold Spirits Organic Sloe Gin

Our organic sloe gin is a 100% handmade creation.


Our organic sloe gin is a 100% handmade creation. The base alcohol for our gin is produced from highly distilled wheat, grown on our own organic farm in the Mostviertel. We mix the organic sloe berries with the gin and macerate them for six months, then refine the mixture with organic beet sugar. The high-proof sloe gin reposes for nearly a year in stainless steel, in order to better develop its character. Upon maturity the gin is rectified to 27% alcohol by volume; this is done with water from our own spring in Öberösterreich

Sloe gin bubble ale

What do our customers do with our specialties?  We asked ourselves this question last week and shortly afterwards Norbert Moser walked in the door. The Mostviertel certified sommelier has been operating his own cocktail catering business for ten years now. He has already mixed cocktails in fifteen different countries around the world, collecting a great deal of experience. He mentioned to us how much he enjoys our LEOPOLD Organic Sloe Gin. We became curious and he wrote us his recommendation.  Unfortunately, we have not tried it out yet, but we will catch up as soon as possible. Until then, we enjoy our Sloe Gin solo on the rocks!  Of course we do not want to deprive you of Moser’s recipe and hope you enjoy trying it out, that you will be inspired by it. Please tell us how you enjoy our treasures! We are very curious…

5 cl LEOPOLD Organic Sloe Gin  15 cl ginger ale  1 cl of fresh cucumber juice  1 cl pomegranate syrup  squeeze 1/8 juice of a lime into the glass  about 10 fresh seeds of a pomegranate  garnish: pomegranate slice and thinly cut cucumber

Preparation: Fill a highball glass with double frozen ice cubes and then stir all the ingredients in the glass until cold. Decorate the cocktail with a cucumber skewer and a pomegranate split.  Alternative: Shake all ingredients without the ginger ale, strain the drink into a highball glass filled with ice cube and then fill with ginger ale.   Drinking recommendation: Be sure to serve the drink with a wide-enough straw so that you can pull the pomegranate seeds through the straw and enjoy them afterwards.

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