Mostello – pear dessert wine

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MOSTELLO is an innovative pear dessert wine composition and invention from our company. Inspired by the port, we refine only the best raw materials from our region – cider pears – the port wine method. While fortified wines ripen in warehouses all over the world in very hot to hot areas, our MOSTELLO stores and matures for at least one year in the cool, spicy air of the Alpine foothills.


Mostello – pear dessert wine

Mostello is an innovative dessert wine composition made from pears – our very own creation! Inspired by Port wine, we process only the best raw materials from our region – cider pears –according to the methods used in the Douro Valley to make Port. While most fortified wines around the world mature in storehouses in warm or hot climates, our Mostello matures for at least a year in the cool and spicy air of the Alpine foothills.


Amber colour, clear and slightly viscous. Ageing in barrique produces a distinctive and exquisite dessert wine, that offers a nose somewhat reminiscent of mead. Intense aromas of dried fruit, primarily raisins and pears. Intense flavour of dried pears on the palate, the sweetness of honey and delicate notes of almond. Quite concentrated, intense and juicy fruit flavours with nicely integrated notes of oak.

Serving recommendation

According to taste and preference, either at red wine temperature (18°) or chilled (8°) in our specially designed Mostello-glass.

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