O. Rum, Organic Premium Rum

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Our rum impresses with its color – a warm iridescent gold, which also makes you want to “more” as the fine orange note, which immediately rises in the nose. In terms of taste, rum has a lot to offer: the taste of dark chocolate, dried almonds, caramel, vanilla and light exotic flavors long-lasting appeal to even the most discerning connoisseur.



Our rum makes the first impression with its colour – a warm and gleaming gold that makes one wish for more, like the fine orange notes that arise immediately to the nose. The rum offers quite a lot of complexity – the flavour of dark chocolate, dried almonds over caramel and vanilla, all the way to lightly exotic aromas – these flavours will cling to the palate of even the most demanding taster.


In the production of our Organic Premium Rum, only the pure organic sugarcane molasses we source overseas is fermented and then distilled. After that, our rum needs a lot of time for the maturing process – afterwards it is rectified with crystal-clear Urgestein water from our own spring to 40% alcohol. The rum gets its colour through maturing in cask; the longer it rests, the more rounded its aromatic taste. The initially colourless distillate assumes a first yellowish, then brown colour. Brown rum is aromatic and has a rather sweet note with a fine wood tone. Often rum is matured in used wooden barrels to give it its own flavour – we perfect our rum in a very special way, which only we can offer: white rum is aged in used ‘Mostello’ casks during its long period of repose. These are conditioned beforehand by our unique, award-winning Mostello, a dessert wine made from cider pears, which leaves the a hint of the seductive flavour of pear. The unique bouquet and the honey/vanilla notes of our famous Mostello give our brown rum its unique and incomparable aroma.

Serving recommendation

O-Rum is best enjoyed at room temperature, between 18–20°C

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O. Rum, Organic Premium Rum gold, O. Rum, Organic Premium Rum white


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