Tischlein deck dich! Table, set yourself!

Your personalised tasting in the Mostelleria

Those days are gone when visitors were obliged to be content with moderately interesting tours and tastings. We are blazing new trails in this direction as well. With our tasting game ‘Tischlein deck dich’ we want to inspire old and young alike to compose a tasting according to their own taste and preferences. These presentations in our Mostelleria can be arranged for two to twenty persons, and can be composed online as well as ‘analog’.

We offer five different regionally typical beverages and spirits. Choose between alcohol-free apple and pear juices, delicious cider, our signature drink Mostello, fine noble spirits made from local fruit or our world-famous vodka or whiskey made from a variety of grain, all grwon in our own organic farm and malted inour own malting drum. And of course everything is presented in organic quality, and we will serve snack food to go along with the drink: here you have the choice as well, between meat, vegetarian or even vegan dishes.