Old apple – aged in oak cask

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Intense apple note, light vanilla and tobacco notes from the wood in the nose. On the palate, you will find fresh apple tones and subtle, warm woody flavors complete the multi-layered distillate.


Old apple – aged in oak cask

Intense notes of apple, light tones of vanilla and tobacco from the wood in the nose. On the palate fresh apple flavours; subtle and warm wood notes complete the profile of this complex distillate.



This is a special creation of the House of Farthofer – a potpourri of various old

varieties of apple and Mostviertel cider apples. We create a fine purée with the grating mill, which we subsequently ferment in a stainless steel tank. The distillate is adjusted to cask strength of 60% alcohol, and afterwards matures for at least a year in casks of Austrian oak. Thanks to this type of aging the spirit develops its lovely golden colour.


Serving recommendation

Our Alter Apfel is best enjoyed at room temperature, between 18–20°C

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