O. Vodka, Organic Premium Vodka

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O. Vodka is slightly fruity, with a subtle sweetness, while being incredibly mild and soft on the palate.



Lightly fruity with a subtle sweetness, marvellously soft and easy on the palate.


To produce our organic premium vodka, organic wheat is coarsely ground and processed into mash with great care. The mash is subsequently distilled three times in a column-still, in order to achieve purity and clarity. Now the educated nose and the sophisticated taster are of paramount importance, because the stillman must separate the early run from the heart of the spirit and from the tails. Only the heart – the middle of the run – is used for the vodka. After a period of repose the vodka is rectified to bottle strength with our Urgestein spring water. After maturing for at least a year, our organic vodka will have achieved its absolute balance and delicacy, attained its unforgettable character.

Serving recommendation

O-Vodka is best enjoyed at room temperature, between 18–20°C

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