Josef’s father is a native of the Mühlviertel, where years ago he discovered a spring on his ancestral home and developed it. The primordial rock – Urgestein – through which our spring water flows is composed of granite. The stone is part of the granite and gneiss highlands, one of the five large geologic systems that make up the Bohemian Massif. The greater portion of the Bohemian Massif in Austria was formed some 350–400 million years ago, and is made up of crystaline rock, primarily of granites and gneisses. This spring water is very low in limestone content, and with its extremely ‘soft’ character makes our noble brandies and spirits a particularly pleasurable drinking experience. The extremely soft water of this spring is today the basis for all of our distillates – and one more secret behind their distinctive quality. Our spring is located in a nature preserve, where it offers an environment for a multitude of flora and fauna. We are quite proud to be able to protect these – some quite rare – plants and animals.