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Kongressbirne – “pear brandy”

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Aromatically, it comes closest to the Williams pear. Very fine-bodied and elegant on the nose, powerful pear note on the palate with a fine spicy finish.



In terms of aromaticity, this is closest to the Williams pear. Very delicate and elegant in the nose with powerful flavours of pear on the palate and a finely spiced finish

The Kongressbirne – conference pear – is an old table pear, notable for its size; one of the largest of all pears. The Kongressbirne grows on the southern hillsides of the Mostviertel hill country and is already ripe at the end of August.

Closest in terms of aroma is the Williams Pear. Very delicate and elegant in the nose, solid and well-formed flavours of pear on the palate, with a finely spiced finish.

Serving recommendation

Our Kongressbirne is best enjoyed at room temperature, between 18–20°C

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