O. Gin, Organic Premium Gin

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O. Gin sparkles in the glass like a brilliant, crystal clear, with a slight blue cast. On the palate, it is characterized by mild spiciness, finesse in the game of juniper and orange flavors, delicate acidity and refined sharpness in the finish.



…glistens in the glass like a diamond, crystal clear with a light blue tint. On the palate it is characterised by mild spices, a great deal of finesse in its interplay of juniper and orange aromas, delicate acidity and refined pungency in the finish.


In making our organic premium gin we use exclusively organic juniper, coriander, lavender and orange rind, which are grown in Italy and Croatia, as well as Javanese peppercorns from Indonesia. The result is a diamond solitaire, far too fine to be wasted on tonic.

O-Gin is made from 24 various herbs and spices – botanicals, we call them. We think that a refreshing element is important to the flavour of a gin; for this reason we use lemon and orange rinds. The taste of these in the finished distillate cannot be too intrusive, and must harmonise with juniper and coriander. Java pepper imparts a fine spicy note to the O-Gin. And the rest of the recipe is a house secret.

The herbs and the spices are weighed very precisely, mixed and macerated for several days in a high-proof organic grain distillate, so that the alcohol can better absorb the aromatic materials. And the end of this stage, the mixture is distilled in the pot still.

The high-proof O-Gin matures for up to twelve months in a stainless steel vessel so that it can properly develop its character. Only then is the O-Gin married with water from the primeval stone of our estate’s well in the Mühlviertel and rectified. It is the particularly high quality of the water that gives the gin its extraordinarily soft and easy finish.

Serving recommendation

O-Gin is best enjoyed at room temperature, between 18–20°C

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