World Soil Day

On Saturday (December 5) not only the Krampus is on the way, it’s also the World Soil Day,which sets a sign for the importance of the natural resource “soil”. We currently grow our grains on clay or gravel, including rare raw grains such as Emmer or Schlägler rye.

For the best
fertility of the soil,
it is essential to change crop rotation in the fields of our
organic farming
every year. In order to process our soils
as gently as possible,
we use a special peeling flight from Spain, which does not dig up valuable
but builds it up. Several times a year we plough to prevent weeds from thriving. As fertilization we use only our schlempe, a residual substance in the production of distillate.

cultivation bears fruit,
because apart from the high quality of our raw materials,
regular studies
show that we have a very high soil activity, i.e. a variety of earthworms and other soil organisms. Another important aspect is the cultivation of
as heating material for our boilers. The sloping leaves have also been shown to contribute to the structure of humus.

Blog Day of the Soil - Farthofer Distillery

Our whisky barrel warehouse

With our whiskies we don’t let ourselves be stressed, but give them a lot of time to mature.

In the baroque vaulted cellar of the Stift
Seitestetten, perfect conditions
prevail for this: constant temperature, uniform humidity and no vibrations.

“Once upon a time, the vaulted cellar was used for the storage of our wine. The
with the Farthofer distillery gives the empty cellar its function,” says Abbot Petrus Pilsinger from Seitestetten Abbey.

Our warehouse is currently being set up in the Stiftskeller. With our
Farthofer Homestory
you can
accompany Josef to the whisky warehouse,
where our whiskies rest in used Mostello, rum, beer, fruit brandy or brandy barrels.

Did you know? Interested parties can also purchase an
exclusive barrel
subscription . Send us an e-mail to



Recipe ideas for imitation at home

Whisky sauce

Pork chops and beef steaks are very popular during the festive season. Instead of classic roast or steak sauce, you should definitely try our Whiksy sauce.

For this purpose, a chopped onion and 2 small finely sliced yellow carrots are briefly fried in the frying residue.

Dust with a little flour and remove our whisky from the strong beer barrel. Pour in a clear vegetable soup (approx. 250 ml), add some peppercorns and stir in a cup of sour cream.

As a side dish to the sauce, the roast cart offerl is ideal and as a topping we recommend our


combined with roasted onion. Enjoy recooking!

Cocktail Tip: Pumpkin Martini - Farthofer Distillery

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