It is well known that bio is important to us. Also, the raw materials that we use come from our region is clear. Seasonality is also important to us, and summer is cocktail time. So in the next few weeks, here are a few recipes that are worth being nachgeshaked. We start with the Leo Mule. The Leogang variant of the bar classic Moscow Mule. We discovered it at the bar of BIO HOTEL Rupertus.

The cocktail ‘Moscow Mule’ is a love salute from Moscow. He belongs to the clan of highballs. Which means he has a higher percentage of non-alcoholic ingredients. Which in turn means that you can drink more of it. So #gutbeihitze and because we have to stop drinking anyway. Here is the recipe:


4 cl O-Vodka
2 cl Lime juice, freshly squeezed
200 ml Ginger Beer (oder Ginger Ale)
6 slices Cucumber
1 Zweig Mint
 ein paar ice cupes


 First, crush four cucumber slices in a cocktail glass. Preferably in the classic copper cup. Add the 4 cl O-Vodka, the lime juice and a few fresh ice cubes. The whole is filled up with Ginger Beer, stirred vigorously once and decorated with a sprig of mint and the remaining two cucumber slices. Instead of Ginger Beer you can of course also on Ginger Ale resort. However, this tastes a little less ginger. If necessary, you can help with a dash of ginger liqueur.

The place of action

And because it pays to holiday at the foot of the Asitz, a few words to the Rupertus itself. In Rupertus, the organic enjoyment begins at breakfast and usually ends at the bar. The breakfast is now legendary. For the Rupertus team, it was also the entry into the wonderful world of organic culinary. À la minute great breakfasts are made around the egg. Fried egg, with or without bacon, scrambled eggs, omelets or – very classic – a soft egg. Honey from the honeycomb or from the glass, terrific good cheese from the region and of course a lush range of lactose-free and vegan delicacies.

Then you are strengthened for everything that Leogang and Pinzgau has to offer. Extensive hikes or ski tours on the Asitz, the hotel’s own mountain, bike and climbing tours in summer, snowshoeing, skiing and cross-country skiing in winter. The possibilities are practically inexhaustible. Which does not mean that you can not be completely exhausted afterwards. Room and wellness area recharge the batteries in no time at all and nothing is in the way of a relaxed end to the day at the bar. You should not miss it. The Green Bar at Rupertus is one of the best organic bars, far beyond the country’s borders. And do not forget: Ask for the Leo Mule ;-)