That’s one thing with gin-basil smash. On the one hand, he is considered bartenders as the Hugo or the Aperol Spritz of cocktails. On the other hand it is refreshing and delicious. 10 years ago he was the summer hit. At every beach bar, at every pool party, basil was milled and the absinthe green drink enjoyed in raw quantities.

Then he slowly disappeared from the parties and made room for other creations. He did not really become a bar classic. We think it’s a pity and bring it out of the sun for you once again. For the last summer days. Because we are convinced that he is #gutbeihitze.

Actually, the gin-basil-smash has its birthday this year. The recipe was invented in spring 2008 in the Ulmer Bar ‘Blueprint’. Starting with the classic “Whiskey Smash”, a classic with whiskey and mint, Basil was first used instead of mint, later gin instead of whiskey. At some point there was the attempt to call the drink alternatively gin pesto. Has not – fortunately – not enforced. Like in any case in manageable communities (and the Bartender community is a very manageable community), the story of gin-basil smash has spread, thanks to bush drums and social media. Not least due to the fact that Jörg Meyer of the Le Lion Bar in Hamburg, an ingenious inventor before the Lord, has published his recipe on the Internet, the triumphant march of the gin-basil smash was unstoppable. By the way, that was on July 10, 2018. Since then, the bar where Meyer mixes celebrates the day as the birthday of the drink. And himself as “the cradle of gin-basil-smash”.

And so goes the gin-basil-smash:

5 cl O.Gin

2 cl fresh lemon juice

2 cl sugar syrup

10-12 basil leaves

Basil in the shaker and vigorously muddlen (pound). Then shake ice and other ingredients and shake vigorously in the shaker and double strain into the glass. (This is the code of the bartenders, if they use a second in addition to the strainer in the shaker.) With the Basil Smash, this is essential, because otherwise the tattered basil shreds floating in the drink, garnish with a large sprig of basil.