I like to have a martini
two at the very most.
After three I’m under the table,
after four I’m under my host!

(Dorothy Parker, sometime in the 1920s)

The question of whether shaken or stirred Martini does not. This self-evident fact has even found its way into popular culture. Generations of James Bonds are filming their film “shaken, not stirred”. Sometimes casual, sometimes elegant, sometimes bored.

There is no choice for this recipe anyway. The cucumber juice and the other ingredients must be inseparable. And that only works with a hearty shake.






4 cl O-Gin1 cl Dwersteg Orangenlikör

1cl Dwersteg Ingwerlikör

1 cl Lime juice

1 cl sugar syrup

Cucumber cubes

1 Cucumber slices

First, muddle the cucumber slice in the shaker. So pound with the wooden pestle. Then add gin, orange liqueur, ginger liqueur, sugar syrup, fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously.

Add to the cold cocktail glass. Double Train !! This means using a second sieve if you want to prevent (what you should) the solid cucumber components in the glass.

Decorate with a slice of cucumber on the edge of the glass and serve ice cold (that means very fast).

The recipe has its origins in the Biohotel Eggensberger in the Allgäu, where some of our very large bottles are also available.

Allgäu hospitality

Sitting on the restaurant terrace you can enjoy several times. The view over the Hopfensee on the mountain range and the grand royal castles, the pure conscience, because you are in a company as a guest, whose boss is committed to courageous for climate protection and not least the kitchen, which has some culinary specialties. Not far from the hotel, exactly two kilometers away, works and works Josef, the brother of hotelier Andreas Eggensberger. The Bioland farm supplies the hotel kitchen with fresh milk, finest beef, cheese and yoghurt. The chefs know how to deal with these treasures and to bring them to the plate in a delicious way.

The Biohotel Eggensberger is not only a place of epicurean delights. Also for physical well-being is plenty provided. The wellness and therapy options in the house are varied and impressive. Of course, the motto is to relax, and this starts with cozy rooms with high-quality sleeping systems, from the indoor pool with Grander water to the new GartenSPA with natural swimming pool and Swiss stone pine sauna. There are many favorite places to relax with all your senses. In addition, the Allgäu with its mountains, lakes and charming villages offers an impressive variety of landscape, culture and adventure opportunities. And the martini? He is really big Ginkino and almost alone a reason to visit the Eggensbergers.