Some time ago we harvested grain for our whiskey. We shot a small film at the harvest. The farmer whose field we have harvested casually said something about “stone power”. Some were listening in and asked. Here is a post about what it has on it and who is behind it.

For orientation. The company is called STEINKRAFT, the product GRÜNKRAFT used. GRÜNKRAFT is a 100% natural product. So 100% that it appears in the InfoXgen resource catalog. The list that allows organic farmers what they are allowed to use on their fields and fields. GRÜNKRAFT is a powder consisting mainly (97%) of lime. The remaining 3%, however, is the difference that makes a difference. Thermally activated on treated rock. Zeolite (with the ingredient clinoptilolite 1g568, for those who want to know it very well) is what gives GRÜNKRAFT the power of the plants.


The effect of GREEN POWER

“GREEN FORCES are used in the finest grinding to spray the crops and promote the growth and quality of the plants in a natural way.” GREEN FORCE enhances the rooting and increases the resistance and vitality of the plant, especially on low pH soils GREEN FORCE strengthens the plant’s own powers and supports the plant in dry and frosty conditions GREEN FORCES positively influence the flowering of the plant and the fruit set, resulting in an increase in yield GREEN POWER increases the quality of the harvest, the taste and the Shelf life of fruits. ”

Here is a video explaining the composition, production and the effect of green power.


For a distillery that continues to focus on whiskey in the future, this means high-quality crops, healthy grains and thus the best basis for clean, intensive and expressive grain distillates. And of course, it also means outstanding raw material for our new malting plant. We are looking forward to the cooperation with Helmut Schirmbrand and to the next crops. Organic rocks!