Conservation and sustainability have been a priority for us for two decades. Josef’s interest was already in these subjects during his studies and so he dealt intensively with nature and nature conservation. As a longtime member of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Austrian Nature Conservation Union, he also wanted to deal with sustainability in his diploma thesis. In 1997, he succeeded in implementing a big heart project: In cooperation with the WWF and the province of Upper Austria, he initiated the designation of a nature reserve on his property in the lower Mühlviertel.

As you can see today, both the flora and the fauna feel right at home on the twelve-hectare site. Independent ornithologists from the state of Upper Austria and Styria found various rare animal and plant species during their last visit last September. Some of them are even on the EU’s Red List, listing the most endangered species. For example, we found species such as the sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) and the toadstool (Decticus verrucivorus) and plant species such as St. John’s wort (Hypericum sp.), Wild thyme (Thymus sp.) And tormentil (Potentilla errecta).

“This is what active nature conservation looks like for us: protection of habitats for flora and fauna, and crystal-clear, natural spring water for our spirits and spirits.”



Josef’s father is a native of Mühlviertel, and many years ago found a source on the site, which is now classified as a nature reserve, and summed it up. The water is filtered through the granite, which forms there the primary rock, and enriched with minerals. Since intensive agriculture in the nature reserve is not allowed, the meadows and soils are spared from nitrate pollution. Nitrate, which is used as a fertilizer in intensive agriculture, can not get into our water. Our nature reserve is therefore, if you like, at the same time its own small water reserve. This crystal-clear water, which is very low in lime, we use today for all our spirits and spirits and ensures a very special drinking experience.

Our products would not have the same quality without the fresh, soft water from our nature reserve. That’s why we look very closely at our precious water and the nature reserve in the lower Mühlviertel. We are proud of that, because that is our active nature conservation: Protected habitats for flora and fauna and crystal clear, natural spring water for our fine spirits and spirits.