It is often said that Austria is world champion. Well-known organic world champion. That’s right when it comes to organic areas, organic farms or a strong organic association. But this is also opposed to a consumer attitude that is still expandable in terms of BIO. In order to make the Austrians – from the majority – action buyers to conscious organic consumers, we need timpani and trumpets. The organic estate Esterhazy has made a proper bang in this respect and invited to the biofield days 2018.


BioFielddays 2018 are an international success

In any case, the new event has more than lived up to Austria’s international pioneering role in organic farming. All expectations were exceeded: Around 8,000 visitors came to the biofield days 2018 at the organic estate Esterhazy in Donnerskirchen in the Neusiedler See region. More than ever, even in European comparison to similar events. The organization partners, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Austria, the Association BIO AUSTRIA Burgenland, the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture (LKÖ), as well as PANNATURA with the completely new concept of a comprehensive overall view of land management with the biofield days 2018 certainly international attention. Guests from all over Austria, the neighboring countries, but also delegations from France, England, Romania, Greece, Croatia and even Kazakhstan were represented at the organic estate Esterhazy.

As far as the official data and information. We were there and experienced an intensive day around organic farming in Austria. Especially remembered was the fact that Austria is an action society. Prices are meticulously compared, bought where it is cheapest. A startling example came from the representative of a retail chain: “If we offer an action of € 4.99 per kilogram for pork, 18 tonnes of pork are bought throughout Austria.” But if the action is only 1.00 euros cheaper, say € 3, 99, 64-70 tons will be sold. ” Animal welfare and animal health, organic husbandry and feeding and high meat quality are not enough.

We chose organic agriculture because we believe that this type of farming is the best for our soils, healthy food and the future for our children. We will continue to consume organic foods as consumers because we believe that the added value these foods provide is higher than the higher price. The biofield days once again showed us that we are on the right path.