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When bees swarm for the pears


  Basically, we love our trees. The bacon pear trees as well as the yellow oils, the Williams or the congress pear. And of course everyone else. The Farthofer orchards are a diversity paradise. Only the trees do not get the flower pollination on their own. Apple and pear [...]

When bees swarm for the pears2018-09-05T10:39:40+02:00

upcycling – The desire to refine


  Hardly anything is more important to us than to leave an intact world to our next generation. That's why we've been passionately working and controlling bio for a long time, so we focus on electromobility and not on an impressive fleet, so we're working on eco-electricity too. But [...]

upcycling – The desire to refine2018-09-05T10:23:43+02:00

Crystal clear brandy of stale bread


In 2 days it is time. On 10th March Barbara van Melle opens the doors of the Kursalon Hübner and invites to the bread festival #krusteundkrume. This makes Vienna the bread capital and hotspot of the bakery trade. We are also on board. But we do not bake, we [...]

Crystal clear brandy of stale bread2018-09-05T10:11:49+02:00

Curling world championship


There are many good reasons to come to the Mostviertel. One is the curling World Championships in Amstetten and Winklarn from February 20th to March 3rd. Everything you need to know and what the guests may expect culinary, we answer in our World Cup briefing on the basis of [...]

Curling world championship2018-09-05T09:36:06+02:00

Everything waltz, everything gin!


Every year, the Vienna State Opera transforms itself into the most beautiful and elegant ballroom in the world. Over 5,000 ball guests and more than 1.4 million television viewers are watching this impressive festival. We are live in our private lodge (or "living room" for short) when Alfons Haider, [...]

Everything waltz, everything gin!2018-09-05T10:10:59+02:00

Mostello in the snow


Over the Christmas holidays, we returned to our distillery for a few days. We grant our employees and us this creative break every year to recharge our batteries. In the basement house, where our high-quality distillates wait for our guests and mature Mostello barrels at constant temperature to completion, [...]

Mostello in the snow2018-09-05T08:50:41+02:00

Red Spring Vodka – 100 % Organic


This club would probably be founded first. And he would certainly be one of the most exclusive in the world. Who already has their own sturgeon breeding? And how many vodka distillers distill wheat, which they have grown themselves? And how many people have their own vodka made with [...]

Red Spring Vodka – 100 % Organic2018-09-04T15:43:47+02:00

backe it … fruit Loaf


Every year, when the cold season slowly breaks in the Mostviertel, the kitchen traditionally produces a typical Christmas specialty: the Kletzenbrot. Depending on the family tradition, the spicy-fruity bread is baked in a variety of different ways and is a fixed component in the run-up to Christmas. The [...]

backe it … fruit Loaf2018-09-04T15:08:14+02:00

Mostello in the palm


Doris Farthofer interviewt Theresia Palmetzhofer, Inhaberin und Küchenchefin vom Gasthaus zur Palme in Neuhofen an der Ybbs.   "We both know each other since our childhood, were born in the same place and went to school there. I particularly like to remember the end of a [...]

Mostello in the palm2018-09-04T14:43:12+02:00

93 points in the Falstaff Spirits Trophy


The tasting team tasted again for the Falstaff Spirits Trophy 2017. The Falstaff Spirits Trophy is an annual award of the best local distillers and their noble spirits. Our Leopold Organic Sloe Gin received a rating of 93 points this year and was therefore rated "excellent" by Falstaff. In [...]

93 points in the Falstaff Spirits Trophy2018-09-04T14:11:54+02:00


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