On hot summer days you are always happy about a cool refreshment. We have something for you. We would like it with an iced coffee à la Farthofer.

Josef was inventive again and made a new coffee liqueur for the Freimeisterkollektiv. The coffee beans have been selected by the German “Third Wave of Coffee” pioneer, Ralf Rüller, from the west of Rwanda. This time a very special bean was processed: Lot # 58 from MAHEMBE. Ralf roasts these beans “greener” than the typical espresso blends to preserve the intense and floral notes. Josef uses these freshly roasted coffee beans to make a wonderful coffee liqueur. And so we enjoy the coffee liqueur in summer time:

Ice coffee à la Farthofer

We pour a scoop of organic vanilla ice cream over our coffee liqueur. A poem! And that’s not all. If you want to top that, you can still refine our creamy chocolate liqueur. It tastes incredible and is easy to imitate. So give it a try. We are curious what you think of our iced coffee creation.

  • Recipe

    1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

    1 cup of espresso

    1 shot of coffee liqueur