There are many good reasons to come to the Mostviertel. One is the curling World Championships in Amstetten and Winklarn from February 20th to March 3rd. Everything you need to know and what the guests may expect culinary, we answer in our World Cup briefing on the basis of 7 questions:


Who cares about curling?

  • The Eisstocksport still fights with a slightly dusty image, but at the same time is greatly underestimated. In popular sports, Stocksport after football, tennis and skiing is one of the most popular sports in Austria. A total of over 100,000 club members throughout Austria speak for themselves. The organizers expect at the World Cup with 25,000 spectators on site and 20,000 party guests.

Which countries participate in the curling world championship in Mostviertel and who are the favorites?

  • Namibia, Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil, Australia – no, this is not an enumeration of marathon nations. Participants from a total of 26 different countries and from all 5 continents will come to the curling world championship in Mostviertel for two weeks. Incidentally, the 3 winter sports nations Germany, Switzerland and Austria are among the big favorites. The reigning Austrian world champion in long-distance sport, Markus Weichinger, pays off any great opportunities.

Where and when do the competitions take place?

  • The team and finish competitions take place in the ice rink in Amstetten. The Weitenbewerbe are in the more than 150 -meter-long Gernot Lechner Stocksporthalle in Winklarn on the program. In the first competition week, the young people compete in the curling European Championships, from the second week then the World Cup is on the program. All information about start times, venues and tickets can be found here:

Where and when does it really take place during the World Cup?

  • Away from the sporting events, the Winter Meadow is the place to be during the World Ice Hockey Championships. That means meadow feeling in Mostviertel. The huge marquee invites to live acts or parties on almost every night during the World Cup. In addition to the Spider Murhpy Gang or the Paldauern, cabaret artists like Alex Kristan and Walter Kammerhofer entertain the guests. Also a costume clubbing is on the program. At the coronation festival on the 22nd of February and the opening of the World Cup on the 26th of February a full hall with a lot of prominence is expected. All information about the winter meadow on

Winter meadow sounds good, but where is the typical for the Mostviertel?

  • The organizers of the curling world championship have focused on regionality in terms of cuisine. We think that’s great and are the official sponsor of the World Cup. In addition to Mostviertler fruit juices, cider and musts from the Mostbarons, the spirits come from our house. The guests can therefore look forward to natural spirits, O.Gin, O.Rum and Mostello. And what suits the World Cup better than our world champion O.Vodka?

What do I do if I can not watch on the spot?

  • For the first time at a curling world championship, the sporting events are transmitted as a live stream. Interested parties can be present live at And that – in contrast to Olympia in PyeongChang – to human airtime. Different camera perspectives and inserts make the curling world championship an exciting sport highlight even for beginners. Anyone who misses the winter-meadow feeling at home can, by the way, order our spirits in the shop and enjoy a sip of the Mostviertel for a livestream.

How’s it going after the World Championships in Mostviertel for the Eisstocksport?    

  •  The curling world championship in the Mostviertel is trend-setting for the sport. According to the OC team, an Olympic committee will come to visit the Mostviertel these days and then decide whether the sport will even become Olympic in the future. Maybe the ‘who is who’ of curling will be in Beijing in 2022.

You can find all information about the curling world championships in Amstetten and Winklarn as well as the winter meadow here: