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It’s perfectly clear…

We, Doris and Josef Farthofer, manage our organic distillery in Öhling near Amstetten passionately and with great devotion. Offering an assortment of some forty organic brandies, liqueurs and spirits, our distillery is one of Europe’s most comprehensively outfitted purveyors of organic spirits. It is important to us to work in a responsible fashion with natural resources. It is possible as well in a smaller enterprise to work in a meaningful way through holistic practices and thus gain a competitive advantage, while contributing to sustainable development among employees, suppliers and in our own family. At our distillery, not only are the raw materials organic, but also overall we are committed to using as much recycled or sustainable material s as possible. And one can taste this uncompromising approach. We’d like to invite you to take the time. Enjoy our unadulterated and conscientiously produced spirits responsibly and with pleasure.

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Tischlein Deck Dich – Table, set yourself!

Fabulously individualistic!

At last, tasting as I‘d like it to be: the table does not set itself on command as in the Grimm brothers’ Fairy Tales – not at all… But with only three clicks, one can organise and arrange their own personalised tasting in the Mostelleria.

Table, set yourself! works like a simple board game. In the three fields, ‘With whom?’, ‘Taste’ and ‘Dine’, one places the cover of his or her choice – it is this simple to compose your own personalised tasting.

Do you wish to set the table now for yourself, or would you perhaps like to give somebody else the pleasure, with a gift certificate?

Keeping current

Our collaborators

Word has gotten around that Josef has a good hand for distilling… We are delighted to be able to produce these special delicacies, and would like to heartily thank our collaborative partners.

You can also order our products directly online.

9 good reasons to come and visit:

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1. A destination in the Mostviertel for your outing.

The Mostelleria is a modern destination in the heart of the Mostviertel – perfect for an excursion – and offers guided tours of the vaulted cellar dating all the way back to 1874, as well as a demonstration distillery and tastings.

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2. A family business, now in the 5th generation

Our family operation is authentic, creative and innovative. We are now the fifth generation in this dynasty of noble spirits and distilling.

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3. Our own creation: Mostello

We produce Mostello here – a dessert wine made from pears, unique in the entire world, which is produced in the same manner as Port wine.

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4. The world’s finest Vodka

It lead us to even greater renown, by the way, when we won the IWSC gold medal and the coveted IWSC trophy for our O•Vodka as best Vodka in the world at the end of 2012 (International Wine & Spirit Competition in London).

Grund 5


5. Europe’s widest assortment of organic spirits

We have the most comprehensive selection of organic brandies and organic liqueurs from our own production of anybody in Europe, and we export our products internationally.

Grund 6


6. A Mostbaron estate

As a certified-organic member of the Mostbaron (cider barons) consortium, we take great pride in our sustainable methods of production and creative upcycling.

Grund 7

7. The largest cider-pear orchard in Europe

Right behind our cellar-house you will see the largest expanse of cider-pear trees in all of Europe, with more than 12,000 trees.

Grund 8


8. Niederösterreich Tourism Prize 2013

The state of NÖ bestows this award for particularly enhanced levels of engagement to business for their achievements in the tourist industry. We received this special award in the category ‘Innovations in product and service’ with our production showcase and sales premises, the Mostelleria, which we opened in 2010.

Grund 9


9. Climate protection prize

We were nominated for the national Climate Protection Prize in 2008, for our sustainable business and production practices.


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