Hardly anything is more important to us than to leave an intact world to our next generation. That’s why we’ve been passionately working and controlling bio for a long time, so we focus on electromobility and not on an impressive fleet, so we’re working on eco-electricity too. But we do a lot more, and this “more” is not only good for the environment, but also good for the taste buds. We’re doing upcycling.

Classic recycling is a great thing in itself. Old glass is collected, cleaned and re-processed into glass. Old bottles become new ones. This works with some fabrics and is quite familiar to us as a concept. That was not enough for us anyway. We are noble burners. This means that we finish fruits and cereals. From pears becomes fine pear brandy, from grain strong whiskey.

So we figured if we’re already professionals in finishing, we’ll get the best out of what others would throw away. Not only in the boiler. If, then in the whole distillery and the orchards. The pomace and grain remainders, which are left behind during the firing process, serve as animal feed and when ash is produced, the fruit trees profit from it. We call it upcycling because it adds significant value at the end of the cycle.

Last week, we presented our favorite upcycling project to Kruste and Krume: “Bread from the day before” is a delicate topic for bakers and attentive consumers. Producing just the right amount of bread and rolls is a real challenge, because it can not be too small. So there’s always (and that’s actually always meant, so every day) a stately amount of bread and pastry left over, which is usually disposed of somehow. Occasionally there are pictures circulating and these pictures are painful.

So we came up with something very special. For many years we cooperate with the Bavarian organic baker Nicodemus Gottschaller. The man is a trained farmer (with respect for food) and a pioneer of the organic bakery community in Bavaria. The leftover bread is collected, mashed and made into bread schnapps. There are two variants. Black and white. The Bread Spirit White is the one who – depending on your point of view – either smells of French baguette or quick Kaiser’s meringue. The black on the other hand, Bread Spirit Black, smells of coriander, wholegrain bread and cumin. A lot of caraway. On March 10, 2018, we showed the two distillates at the Brotfestival Kruste & Krume. The echo was huge.

At the beginning there is a product that nobody really knows what to do with it. Old bread. At the end of a crystal clear, varietal and extremely delicious brandy, the heart and palate pleased. That’s exactly how upcycling goes. That’s exactly how we want it.