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Der beste Rum des Landes
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mehr dazu!
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We are here for you! - Farthofer Distillery

We are here for you!

Quiet Mostviertel, bare pear trees and colourful leaves: while restaurants, schools and shops have to keep closed with the latest trends of the autumn-winter season, staying at home is the order of the day.

Our Mostelleria with guided tours and tastings is also affected and our cellar house therefore opens the doors temporarily exclusively for the sale of the farm.

Opening hours for farm sale

Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We look forward to welcoming you again in person soon!

Now new! Premium spirits from old bread

For more than 125 years, the
bakery Aschauer
has traditionally baked in the 5th generation. Since baked goods have a very short lifespan, Moritz Aschauer focused on the development of an upcycling concept for excess bread.

We present our high-bristrious trio: BROTKA, BROTGINSKY and BROTUZO.

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A clear thing … 100 organic

Passionate and with a lot of dedication we, Doris and Josef Farthofer, run our organic distillery in Öhling near Amstetten. Already in the fifth generation Josef Farthofer distills high-quality fruit schnapps and fires. Josef thought and worked organicly at a time when the supermarket had more or less the first organic parades and only a few organic wines on the market; In the spirits sector, organic raw materials are still a rarity today. With an assortment of around 50 organic fires, liqueurs and spirits, our distillery is one of Europe’s most comprehensive organic spirits suppliers. It is important to us to deal responsibly with nature’s resources. It is possible to gain a market advantage in smaller companies through holistic action, to work meaningfully and to contribute to sustainable development among employees, suppliers and in one’s own family. In our company, not only the raw materials are organic, but also everywhere else we use recycled or sustainable materials. And you taste this uncompromisingness. We invite you to take your time. Enjoy our natural and gently produced spirits consciously and with pleasure.

Bild Josef und Doris Farthofer

Table Cover You

Fairytale individual!

Finally taste as I want it: On demand, the little table does not cover itself, as in the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm – but with only 3 clicks you have put together your very individual tasting in the Mostelleria.

Table little one deck you! works like a simple board game. On the three fields “With whom?”, “Tasting” and “Food” one places a lid of your choice. This is how easy it is to put together your own personal tasting.

Do you want to cover your personal table now or make someone else happy with a voucher?

Our own malting

Historically, breweries and whisky distilleries have always been self-deprecation. But the increasing industrialization in the middle of the 19th century separated the production of malt, beer and distillates.

Today, only a few large distilleries operate their own malting plant, and the grain germination has become a detached, independent trade. Farthofer’s malt drum has a capacity of two tons, which is small. But depending on the type of grain, the Mostviertler also makes only a total of 300 and 5000 bottles of whisky.


Our cooperations

It has been said that Joseph has a good knack for distilling. We are pleased to be able to produce these specialities and would like to thank our cooperation partners.

You can also order our products directly online.

9 good reasons to visit

Reason 1

1. The excursion destination in the Mostviertel

The Mostelleria is a modern excursion destination in the heart of the Mostviertel and offers guided tours for the whole family in the vaulted cellar built in 1874, as well as a show distillery & tastings.

Reason 2

2. Family business in 5. Generation

Our family business is authentic, creative and innovative. We already live the Edelbrenn dynasty in the fifth generation.

Reason 3

3. Our invention: Mostello

We produce the “Mostello“, the world’s unique pear dessert wine, which is produced according to the port wine method.

Reason 4

4. World’s best vodka

By the way, we gained great fame at the end of 2012 with the win of the IWSC Gold Medal and the coveted IWSC-Tropy for our O•Vodka as the best vodka in the world (International Wine & Spirit Competition in London).

Reason 5

5. Europe’s largest organic spirits range

We have the largest range of organic brandies and organic liqueurs from our own production in Europe and export our products internationally.

Reason 6

6. Mostbaron operation

We attach great importance to sustainable production methods and upcyclingon our organically certified Mostbaron farm.

Reason 7

7. Largest Mostbirn garden in Europe

Behind our cellar house is the largest must pear garden in Europe with over 12,000 must pear trees.

Reason 8

8th NÖ Tourism Award 2013

The NÖ Tourism Prize is awarded to particularly committed companies for their services in the tourism industry. We have been awarded this special prize in the category “Product and Service Innovation” with our mostelleria production show and sales building, which opened in 2010.

Reason 9

9th Climate Protection Award

In 2008, we were nominated for the nationwide Climate Protection Award for sustainable management.


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